Me and my technique

About me

I have, since childhood, drawn and painted the female body in all its forms.

This fascination originates from the round shapes found in the female physique.

Due to its soft and supple nature countless hidden motifs can be found within the feminine lines.


The pieces are built from irregularly meandering lines which emphasizes the contrast between light and shadow.

This accentuates the depth of the painting and creates a sensory experience.

The technique, built around delicate doodles which contributes to a unique and different expression, is developed by yours truly.

With a background bursting with colour these paintings are hard to miss.

All pieces are painted on canvas with an acrylic base and drawn with charcoal.

Future exibitions

Contact me

Do not hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in purchasing my work or if you would simply like to see it up close.